Understand and Grow your Social Audience

Demographics and psychographics via dashboard or API to Analyze,
Influence and Target the consumers who matter most for your brand.

  • Analyze

    Deep insight into the consumers who follow your Twitter accounts, tweet about your brands and influence your campaigns

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  • Influence

    Find and rank the people, brands and media that most influence your target audience on Twitter, YouTube, Instragram and more

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  • Target

    Use our demographics and psychographics to tailor ideal target audiences for your Twitter advertising

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Top brands and agencies rely on our demographics

Delivered by dashboard and API, our demographics have given actionable insight to marketing professionals and social media analysts with more than 10,000 consumer and media brands.

  • "Demographics Pro has helped us deliver actionable audience and market insights on a diverse range of projects for Fortune 500 customers - we continue to be impressed by the depth of analysis it provides at a variety of levels;¬†for research and audience targeting, to influencer identification and analysis, to understand our audience impact."

    Chris Lightner, EVP Measurements and Insights, Edelman
  • "As somebody who spends a great deal of time looking at marketing analytics, I am a big fan of Demographics Pro. Many marketers are great at telling stories to their customers, but often not as good at the 'science'. Demographics Pro helps marketers put some science behind their stories, in order to build better relationships with their customers."

    Jeremy Waite, Head of Digital Strategy, EMEA @Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • "Working with Demographics Pro has given us great insight into the consumers who follow our clients and their competitors, along with a deeper understanding of key opinion leaders influencing our clients' target audiences."

    Kate Donahue, Account Supervisor, Social@Ogilvy

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