Delivery Options for Our Data

Buy only
what you

Great for:

Agencies & service providers that have occasional need for our data.

1 credit: $500/analysis
5 credit: $350/analysis
10 credit: $275/analysis
25 credit: $190/analysis
50 credit: $135/analysis
100 credit: $  95/analysis

Delivered via dashboard, PDF, or CSV.

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Based on
size & use

Best for:

Agencies & service providers that want to incorporate our ready-to-use data in their processes.

Pricing scales for high use. An unlimited analysis option is available.

Access via Dashboard. Export to PDF or CSV on demand.

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License based
on database
size & use case

Perfect for:

Influencer marketing, analytics monitoring platforms, & agencies building their own technology.

Pricing scales affordably for integrations from the hundreds to a million or more.

Store on your servers to power functionality or display

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We also offer custom projects and consulting.
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