Integrate In-Depth
Audience Demographics

Get access to the most detailed and accurate audience data available.
Our demographic and psychographic analyses are:

Audience Analysis

Uncover detailed characteristics of a single social media audience to understand the persona of an audience by itself, or in comparisonwith others.

We deliver deep-dive data points in addition to standard breakdowns by gender, marital status, age, occupation, personal income, and location.

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Real Audience Audit

Confirm the authentic relationship between an influencer and their audience.

Verify whether followers and engagements are real or fake prior to making your final selection of influencers for a campaign.

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Combined Analysis

Analyze audiences of multiple influencers, brands, or other users at once.

In seconds, Combined Audience Analysis harnesses massive amounts of audience data to generate a single report, representing audiences reaching into the hundreds of millions, for a handful to many thousands of combined accounts.

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Dig into specific segments for deeper insights.

Segment Analyses can be drawn from a sample of all of social media for use in general market research or can begin with a specific brand or influencer’s existing audience.

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Custom Input Analysis

Analyze the characteristics of groups on social media.

The user provides a list assembled from conversations monitored via social listening, campaign data, or other 3rd party sources. A minimum of 300 list members will allow return of an analysis specific to that group.


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Beyond Basic Demographics

Deep-dive data demographics and psychographics span criteria like brand, retail and media affinities, hobbies, and interests. We also include the size and percentage interest for each audience.


Our profiling methodologies naturally exclude bots and fake accounts ensuring higher accuracy of data.


Understand each characteristic relative to its presence on a social network and view index measures to see user type concentration within an audience.

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