Reliable Demographic Insights

Our privacy-friendly methodology delivers reliable aggregate audience demographic estimates, calibrated for accuracy.

Methodology overview

DemographicsPro relies on our core ability to estimate or infer likely audience demographic characteristics (gender, age, marital status, interests, occupation, location, etc.) for audiences based purely on correlative data signals.

How we infer demographics

Our methodology is data-centric, relying on multiple data signals, filtered and amplified using large, proprietary knowledge bases of established correlations between data points and demographic characteristics. Finally, we combine multiple amplified signals using a series of algorithms to estimate or infer likely audience demographic characteristics.

Coverage and accuracy

As we infer demographics, we typically require confidence of 95% or above to make an estimate of a single demographic characteristic for any given audience. Our success here relies on the relatively low covariance of multiple amplified signals: iterative evaluation using established samples allows us to calibrate the balance between depth of coverage (i.e. the number of demographic estimates we make) and our required accuracy.

Respecting privacy

We do not cross-match our inferred demographic estimates with actual demographics, from third-party sources or otherwise. Whether delivered by API or dashboard, all inferred audience demographics are estimates in aggregate only for the audience. Further background can be found in our Privacy Policy.