How to Use Our Data

Influencer Marketing

Choose influencers who reach a campaign’s specific target audience and align with what they care about. Find the most influential celebrities, content creators, fashion gurus, trusted experts or trendsetters.

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Talent Representation

Identify partnerships for endorsements and media campaigns. Agencies use our data to meet specific demographic requirements set by brand clients regarding the need for talent to appeal to target audiences across TV, advertising campaigns, and other media.

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Monitoring & Analytics

Get insight by pairing Social Listening with demographic analysis. Gain insight into which audiences engage in specific campaigns or topics.

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Research and review a client’s brands including the verification of assumed audience characteristics, how these compare to competitors’, and how demographic insights can be used to reach untapped audiences.

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Understand key demographic and psychographic information to create, place and promote content that will resonate with your target audience.

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Explore and gather instant audience insight on trends and activity across social media platforms to improve marketing implementation and strategy.

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Integrating Demographic Data

Our API integration is designed to work with existing platforms and business intelligence systems.